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i have a soft tummy and acne scars and my voice is not always low and sweet and my clothes are not always well-coordinated or even clean and my lipstick smears and my eyeliner runs and i still get overwhelmed and disappointed sometimes. but some nights i feel lovely and happy and as if, maybe, i’m getting the hang of this whole existence thing, and i’ve begun to realize i have time to get the hang of all this, and i don’t need to be perfect. i just need to be

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Video process here:

Armin Thug Lyfe (Math City) idea by:

Nagisa Thug Seme (50% Off) idea by: and

Watch 50% Off -

More about Armin Thug Lyfe:

Please, do not repost. Do not use my artwork without my permission. Do not remove artists source/link. Thank you

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one time my sister walked in on my fingering myself so I told her that I was checking my prostate because I was feeling sick and I was afraid I had cancer and we spent a good 15 minutes hugging each other crying


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Protesters in New Delhi are hit with a police water cannon blast during their demonstration following the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman, which has sparked  powerful protests in India’s capital in recent days.
[Saurabh Das/AP]

Countries ABC, protest: India

Tbh if they don’t hire the voice actor that does nagisa in 50% off then there is absolutely no point in watching the dubbed

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shout out to people who have seen you naked but you can still have regular conversations with

shout out to people who can have regular conversations with you naked.

shout out to being naked

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